Since our founding, HostWell has been committed to doing things right. We help our guests figure out door locks at 3am. We use higher quality sheets than most 5 star hotels. We even clean the bottle caps lost under the stove. This commitment of excellence extends well beyond our core services. Anything HostWell does, we strive to do right. We took the initiative to become the only management company in San Francisco authorized to collect and remit occupancy taxes on your behalf. We actively participate in the democratic process, connecting with those in our communities to understand their concerns on home sharing, and work with government to enact policies that enable a positive experience for guests, hosts and neighbors alike.

Loss of life is difficult to process, but when life is taken by someone who’s supposed to protect us, processing that loss becomes impossible. It challenges the fundamental faith required for society to function. We take immense pride in the diversity of our workforce, hosts and guests. We do not accept racism or bigotry, and have denied service to individuals who challenge our position on that. Those who choose to act on hate, ignorance or intolerance need to be penalized. It is imperative that our culture protects individuality in whatever form it may come, be it the color of your skin, religious belief, sexual orientation, gender, dietary preference or any other attribute that sets you apart from others.

Many of our guests travel to experience new cultures. Sharing a home is more than just a place to sleep. Our hosts are sharing their personal culture with guests. A hotel room is largely the same experience across the world, but a home is a home. There are trinkets from past explorations, ingredients from past culinary adventures. The art on the wall is a direct expression of our host’s personality. No two homes are alike, nor should they be. We are all better for the unique perspectives afforded by embracing the diversity of culture available to us.