Have you been thinking about hosting your space on Airbnb, but concerns about the effort it takes to host, or just keeping up with changes in local laws has given you pause?

Start earning the money your space deserves with HostWell℠. We’re the experts who take the worry, effort and guesswork out of hosting with Airbnb.

It’s easy to add HostWell℠ as your co-host when you sign up with Airbnb.


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Don’t Have An Airbnb Listing Yet?


Sign up to host with Airbnb and Hostwell℠

Click this blue button to sign up to host on Airbnb. You’ll get a signup screen on Airbnb’s site with a white box: "Find out what you could earn." Click that super cheery “Get Started” button, and follow the instructions from screen-to-screen. Here’s what the first screen looks like:


When you get to the last screen, your listing is created, but not yet published. No need to even add photos, as we’ll take care of that. At this stage, you may add Hostwell℠ as a co-host by moving to step 3…

New Airbnb Listing Step 2


Already Have An Airbnb Listing?


Add Hostwell℠ as your Airbnb Co-Host

Click this blue button to add Hostwell℠ as your co-host on Airbnb. Shown here is the first screen with the new listing example we just created with no photos yet. Choose a listing thumbnail and click on it. Follow the instructions from screen-to-screen. Here’s what the first screen looks like:

Airbnb Co-Host Step 1


On the second screen, be sure to fill in the “Share of earnings” field with “20%” and check the box for the cleaning fee. Here’s the example of the second screen:

Airbnb Co-Host Step 2


The third screen is a confirmation screen. Look it over carefully, read the “Co-host Terms of Service,” check the box and click “Submit.” Here’s the example of the last screen:

That’s it! We will respond within 48 hours. Questions? Need guidance with this process? Give us a call! 1.844.HOSTWELL

Thank you!